The Three Worst Comedies on T.V.

Last week I had the flu and was stuck in bed for a whole week. This meant I ended up watching a lot of television. I even watched a lot of bad television. Here are the three worst comedies on television. Comedies, so bad, you wonder how they ever got made in the first place. How an unholy alliance of awful writing and worse acting combined at a moment in time where some drunk somewhere said we will put that on t.v. I don’t know how t.v. programs get made but it baffles me that not only are these programs ever commissioned but some of them actually get another series.

3. My Hero

My Hero. Have you seen it? It’s shit. The premise is that a superhero from another planet falls in love with a woman from earth. This leads to all sorts of comic misunderstandings between superhero culture and earth culture. Except it doesn’t. Not a one. Instead, the same joke is thrashed to death over and over and over. Then over again. And then some more. For six series. Six series. Why? I always suspected that it was because after Father Ted the BBC signed up Ardal O’Hanlon for a million years and were financially forced to make this program. However, when he left, they replaced him and continued to thrash that single unfunny joke to death for another series.

2. Will and Grace

Unlike the other two shows Will and Grace is American. It’s a lot slicker than the other 2 shows and does have a few vaguely funny moments. However once you find the formula the show becomes unwatchable. Are you ready? Let’s call the three main characters A,B and C. It doesn’t really matter which is which.

A – Says something.

B – Laboured bitchy putdown.

A – Laboured bitchy retort.

C – Says Something.

A – Laboured bitchy putdown.

C – Looks incredulous while pausing for canned laughter.

This is repeated, the only humour is in the bitchy putdowns. It’s funny for five minutes then it’s boring then you drink every drop of nightnurse available and it’s still shit.

1. Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

If two 13 year olds had to write a comedy for 8 year olds and they had to do it in their lunch hour between double maths and double physics and one of them was retarded then they would still write a better comedy than TPOLAAPOC. It’s awfulness is unsurpassed. It’s almost fascinating to watch. Do the actors know how shit it is? Do the writers know how shit the actors are? Who’s watching it? Apart from me of course but I had an excuse, I was dying from suspected bird flu.

Why is it so bad? It’s simply not funny. I defy anyone to watch it and laugh. If you were laughing at something else and someone switched it on then you would stop laughing. Then you’d switch it off and find yourself unable to laugh for at least an hour. Is there anyone left in Britain who thinks words like flaps or jokes about arse shagging is risque then they should go back to 1954 and join a convent. It tries hard to identify with it’s target audience, presumably 16-24 year olds, but fails utterly. It’s like some 70 year olds have got together and thought what do young people identify with? Binge drinking and shagging. The characters are less then one dimensional, they provoke mathematicians everywhere by being zero dimensional. It’s the shittiest thing on the t.v. and it’s still being made.

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  1. anonymous reader Says:

    I have to respectively disagree about Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. I think it’s genius – it has me in stitches and I think it was one of the best comedies on TV. Johny and Gaz are particularly hilarious.

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