How to Install the Party Poker Client on Linux using Wine

I recently switched from using Ladbrokes Poker Client to using Party Poker. I use linux and so I have installed it using Wine. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Install wine
  2. Configure wine
  3. Install Mozilla
  4. Install Mozilla ActiveX Control
  5. Install Shockwave plugin
  6. Install Party Poker Client

1. Install wine

I have installed wine version 0.9.29. My distribution is Gentoo and so as root I simply typed

emerge -av wine

2. Configure Wine

Wine has a new configuration tool since the last time I used it.


This launches a gui and sets up a folder structure under ~/.wine. You can choose the correct sound drivers at this point and which version of Windows you want to emulate. I chose Windows XP.

3. Install Mozilla

Download the latest version of the Mozilla browser (I used version 1.7.13) and install this in wine.

wine mozilla-win32-1.7.13-installer.exe

4. Install Mozilla ActiveX Control

Before installing Mozilla ActiveX Control we must first install Unzip the contents of this file and put them in .wine/windows/system32.


cp MSVC* ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

Now we can download the Mozilla ActiveX Control and install using wine.

wine MozillaControl1712.exe

5. Install Shockwave plugin

Download the latest version of the Shockwave plugin amd install it using wine.

wine Shockwave_Installer_Slim.exe

6. Install the Party Poker Client

wine PartyPokerSetup.exe

And that is it. You can now login and play Party Poker on linux. Here’s a screenshot. It works quite well although sometimes it’s not possible to play on more than one table at a time due to the main Party Poker window not refreshing.

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3 Responses to “How to Install the Party Poker Client on Linux using Wine”

  1. apie Says:

    I tried this for Kubuntu7.10 but get the partypoker application hanging before I have a chance to log in.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hi Apie,

    I haven’t used this method for a while but it’s failure is probably because of an update to the Party Poker application. Lately I’ve just been using the java application which runs on any platform. It is missing a few features but works quite well overall.

  3. Brutus Says:


    Should this method work on Triobet client (same Microgaming network)?
    I have:
    Wine 1.0.1
    Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4
    Copied unziped to ../system32/
    Installed Mozilla ActiveX Control 1.7.12
    Install Shockwave plugin (Windows > Firefox > English > Full)
    Then I’ve tried wine and that failed :/
    Last line in Terminal: fixme:shdocvw:bind_to_object BindToObject failed: 800c000f

    Maybe You can help me.


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