How to Install the Ladbrokes Poker Client on Linux using Wine

It has been my aim to get rid of Microsoft Windows entirely from my computer. The only thing that stopped me was the Ladbrokes Poker client which is only supported on Windows. However, I now have it working under wine. It is a little bit fiddly but here’s how I did it.

  1. Install wine
  2. Configure wine
  3. Install Mozilla
  4. Install Mozilla ActiveX Control
  5. Install Shockwave plugin
  6. Install Ladbrokes Poker Client

1. Install wine

I have installed wine version 0.9.8. My distribution is Gentoo and so as root I simply typed

emerge -av wine

2. Configure Wine

Wine has a new configuration tool since the last time I used it.


This launches a gui and sets up a folder structure under ~/.wine. You can choose the correct sound drivers at this point and which version of Windows you want to emulate. I chose Windows XP.

3. Install Mozilla

Download the latest version of the Mozilla browser (I used version 1.7.12) and install this in wine.

wine mozilla-win32-1.7.12-installer.exe

At this point you may be wondering why you are installing Mozilla under wine. The Ladbrokes Poker Client needs to use some ActiveX controls and therefore we must use the Mozilla ActiveX Controls for the client to finish its install.

4. Install Mozilla ActiveX Control

Before installing Mozilla ActiveX Control we must first install Unzip the contents of this file and put them in .wine/windows/system32.


cp MSVC* ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

Now we can download the Mozilla ActiveX Control and install using wine.

wine MozillaControl1712.exe

5. Install Shockwave plugin

Download the latest version of the Shockwave plugin amd install it using wine.

wine Shockwave_Installer_Slim.exe

6. Install Ladbrokes Poker Client

wine LadbrokesPokerSetup.exe

And that is it. You can now login and play Ladbrokes poker on linux. Here is the proof.


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  1. GrimRC Says:

    Hi. I worked out that I needed ActiveX to install (and play, I think) Ladbrokes poker too. Instead of mozilla, I used ies4linux to install ie6. I wonder if firefox would be better? Did you use mozilla suite or firefox?


    Is the Ladbrokes poker lobby window very slow for you? It seems to be the bad-beat counter and the flash that slows it down. Is gnash supported by wine? Maybe that’d speed it up.

    I’ve also been looking at DIB engine improvements to wine, but the recent DIB engine patch probably wouldn’t help this app (I may try soon anyway).

    relevant Wine DIB engine bugs, if anyone’s interested:

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