MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Error Nr. 1064

This error was bugging me for ages when trying to create a table using MySQL Query Browser. The problem lies in the fact that you are using a VARCHAR for one of the columns data types. MySQL query browser adds this datatype to your query and the query will then fail with this error message.

MySQL Error Nr. 1064

This is quite a cryptic error message but the solution is simple. Valid SQL requires a value for VARCHAR so you just add a value in brackets after VARCHAR.


This should fix it.

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2 Responses to “MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Error Nr. 1064”

  1. Baranidharan Says:

    Thanks a lot for your help. The solution you provided had helped me a lot.

  2. Gabe Says:

    I am getting the error nr. 1064 when trying to create a procedure and declare a cursor. I have tried including the VARCHAR(32) statement in different places in my MySQL, but I still cannot successfully run my code. Here it is:
    CREATE PROCEDURE processoders()
    DECLARE ordernumbers CURSOR FOR SELECT dn FROM idsUsers;

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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